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The wildlife around Fernhouse is abundant and not hard to spot. Keep your eyes open for beautiful little spinebills, koalas, wallabies and king  parrots coming to visit.


Wildlife Wonders

The best place to get a greater understanding of the natural world in the Otways is by going to Wildlife Wonders.

Enjoy a 75-minute guided walk through the magical Otways bushland, where you'll discover lush tree fern gullies, eucalypt woodlands and spectacular ocean vistas. Your conservationist guide will share with you the secrets of the bush and the plants and animals who call the Otways home.

All the profits from Wildlife Wonders go directly to the Conservation Ecology Centre, working to conserve the unique Australian plants and animals across the Otways.


The back deck at Fernhouse is a perfect spot for birding. Keep your eye out for wedge-tailed eagles soaring above the hills, eastern spinebills in the blossoms around the house, yellow robins, kookaburra, blue fairy wren, king parrots, gang-gang cockatoos, sulphur-crested cockatoos, new holland honeyeaters and yellowtailed black cockatoos.


Keen birdo's might go to Marengo Reserve to see if they can find some more rare species like rufous bristle birds. If you are here on a calm night, spend some time out after dark and see if you can hear a hoo-hoo from the resident boobook owl.

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Koala Spotting

To spot koalas at Fernhouse, you do not have to venture far. The trees above the driveway are very popular with our resident koala population. We actually had to put in tree guards so they don't overgraze the trees! If you walk Elliot River loop walk, or the Shelly Beach loop walk, keep your eyes up and see who can count the most koalas.


Are you here on a calm night? Go outside and listen for that hoo-hoo of the boobook owl. There is lots of life in the trees around Fernhouse, so look out for some eyes staring back at your flashlight! 

Are you keen on a bigger spotlighting expedition? Maits Rest is a popular spotlighting place. Look for glowworms around the path edges, or look in the tall trees for sugar gliders and possums.


Australian Fur Seals

Did you know there is an Australian fur seal colony at Marengo? Take the binoculars from the house and walk on the rocks to the right of the reef to get closest to the colony.

Alternatively call Apollo Bay Surf Kayaking to book a tour to paddle to the seals. 

Wildlife Care

Did you know that Fernhouse is also a licensed wildlife shelter? Fernhouse is part of a group of wildlife shelters called the Otway Wildlife Group, who work collaboratively to provide expert care for sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife to enable successful release.  

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