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Apollo bay has a good list of restaurants. Let us give you our top picks!

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Apollo Bay Distillery


The Apollo Bay Distillery is one of the hot new places in town. They make their gin right there, and serve lovely floats so you can taste all their different flavours. They also have the best wood fired pizzas in town, and locally roasted coffee. The interior is wonderful and there is a public piece of artwork made by Karlijn outside; on the circular bench at the front.



Fine dining with ocean views. Birdhouse is situated on the second floor above the Apollo Bay Bakery, and is the only restaurant on Apollo Bay main street with an ocean view. We like going there when we have something to celebrate, and really love their share plates.

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Hidden in the back streets of Apollo Bay is a brand new bistro with a well-credentialled chef and a fridge filled with local fish. Graze is a small scale 40 seater with views over the blue fibro holiday houses to the green rolling hills of the Otway Ranges.

Fish Co-op


Apollo Bay has one of the last Fish Cooperatives in Australia. This is where the fishermen of Apollo Bay sell from!  Go see what came off the boats this week and have some fish and chips while looking out over the harbour. 

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The Brewhouse


The Brewhouse is special because has all local beers on tap! If we can tell you one thing, it's to have the Spotted Ale. All proceeds from that beer go to wildlife conservation in the Otways. They have a solid pub menu to go with your wonderful beer. 

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